A Defintely Maybe movie plot

2022-06-30 22:40
Gerald plays Dane Jensen, a headhunter who struggles for the family and is often too busy to spend time with his children even during the holidays. Finally, when his boss Ed Blackridge (William James Dafoe) announces his retirement, Dane is expected to beat his number one rival to take over the company. At this time, however, his ten-year-old son was diagnosed with blood cancer. The sudden bad news messed up. Do you want to chase your dreams or stay with your family? He had to make a choice. 
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A Defintely Maybe quotes

  • Lou Wheeler: All families got problems but you only got one.

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    Dane Jensen: [narrating] I am a headhunter and I am the purest form of salesman alive. I sell the American dream. I make money out of thin air, smoke, whole cloth. I stand on the shoulders of giants, the hardest of hardened salesmen. Tin men, Bible salesmen, slum realtors. We're a wolf pack of commissioned phone jockeys working 70 hours a week without a net. You hit, you hit big. You blank, and the repo man's tailgating the minivan at the grocery store. This job is a desk, a phone, a chair, and your ass.

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