A Short Film About Killing movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
Trainee lawyer Bjort passed his final interview to become a full-time lawyer, and as an idealist, he had no doubts about suppressing criminal pursuits of Justice . Young Yazek roamed the streets, throwing stones at cars from bridges crossing the street, and knocking down strangers who urinated in toilets. Anger and grief burned in his heart when his sister was hit and killed by a driver who had drunk with him. A taxi driver who likes to molest women and deliberately honk his horn to frighten other people's pets welcomes Yazek after rejecting several passengers. Yazek brutally killed the taxi driver and was subsequently arrested. Bjort, as Yazek's Defend lawyer, could not undo the death sentence. Before the execution, Yazek collapsed. When he died on the gallows, Bjort could no longer contain his grief.
The whole story is somewhat parody and understated. A taxi driver gets up in the morning and starts his day. A law student goes to take the final exam. And this "protagonist", a young tramp, started his life by watching a fight in an alley. He went to see a movie at a movie theater, but was told that the movie that was showing was boring, so he didn't watch it. He took a snapshot to a photo studio to enlarge it. At the cinema he asked where he could get a taxi. So he came to an overpass, pushed a small stone off the bridge and went straight away. The sound of smashed automotive glass and honking came from under the bridge . He walked to a plaza where taxis were serving customers, and saw the police, frightened, and turned into a coffee shop. There, he played with the children outside the window. He wrapped a rope around his hand and left. He called a taxi, told the driver to drive to the suburbs, strangled the driver with a rope, dragged his body to a river, and found that the driver was still alive, he slammed the driver on the head with a stone and smashed him to death. Then leave. After this aimless killing, he drove to his girlfriend's house and wanted to hide in the mountains together, but was suspicious of his girlfriend. He was later tried and, despite the best efforts of Defend's lawyers, was hanged. The story of the tramp is the main thread of the whole plot.
The second point of view of the film is the victim. The taxi driver washed his car. A couple of young people were going to take a car, and he drove away without them. He meets other possible customers: a woman with a dog; a gay man, a drunk. He avoided them. He clearly avoided customers he didn't want to carry. But he's no vulgar: he meets a lost dog, and he gives his sandwich to the dog. Finally, he picked up the young tramp. When the tramp began to rope him, he struggled until he died.
The third point of view is the law student. This is a story from a humanitarian perspective. He takes the test. The exam became an opportunity for him to reveal his own doubts about the law: the law was clear, but the circumstances were not; the letter of the law clashed with reality. When the examiner asked him why he wanted to be a lawyer, he replied that it was because he wanted to meet people he would never meet in other professions. After passing the exam, he and his girlfriend went to the coffee shop to discuss marriage. After graduation, the first case he received was for the murderer Defend. He lost, and on death row he met the murderer. What disturbed the young lawyer was that he had seen the homeless man in a small coffee shop. And then, any change can change what happens later. The killer begged him to give the enlarged photo to his mother. He explained that it was a picture of his sister. She died in an accident. He has been kicked out of the house since then.
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  • Ervin 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    Five of the Ten Commandments: You shall not kill.

  • Dariana 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    he's got pretty prison garb .

A Short Film About Killing quotes

  • Jacek Lazar: I didn't listen in court, not until you called to me. They were all... all against me.

    Piotr Balicki: Against what you did.

    Jacek Lazar: Same thing...

  • Piotr: So you want me to see your mother.

    Jacek: Yes, to ask her to bury me next to my father. Can I be buried in a cemetery?

    Piotr: Yes.

    Jacek: The priest they sent said I could.

    Piotr: Naturally.

    Jacek: Next to my father is another plot. It was supposed to be for my mother. Ask her to let me have it.

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