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2022-03-15 08:01
Kieslowski has an excellent sense of the overall tone of the film. In "The Short Film of Murder", he and photographer Iziak creatively used a green filter to shoot the entire film. It is said that There are as many as 600 special green filters. However, this green has nothing to do with life, growth or even hope, but instead creates a dazzling cruelty, emptiness and weirdness. Poland's urban streetscapes look dingy and lifeless in a near-brown grey-green. It should be noted that the effect of this film on the TV screen and the movie screen is slightly different. Kieslowski said it was possible to watch the TV version of the film on TV, but that the movie version "would suck". The theme of this film is not just about killing, but about any form of violence. Kieslowski has always been generous in showing the cruel scenes in life, such as the eagle biting a chicken at the beginning of "The Movie Fan", the blood-splattered hospital in the riot at the beginning of "Blind Hit", and "The Short Film of Murder". It was dead cockroaches, dead mice, and a bunch of kids hanging a cat. Violence is one of the most extreme forms of behavior, and Kieslowski is firmly opposed to it. Yazek's killing of the taxi driver was extremely cruel, and the law's death penalty in the name of Justice was equally shocking. Kieslowski took the trouble to record the entire process of these two scenes, and also showed two corresponding intentions that gave the viewer the strongest visual impact. One was the dentures that fell out of the taxi driver's mouth after he died. Falling in the mud, another is Yazek on the gallows fecal incontinence falling into the tray below. Since the birth of this film, it was immediately applauded by advocates of abolition of the death penalty around the world, and it has also become a classic work that they often cite. In fact, the year after the film was released, Poland announced a five-year moratorium on executions. Aside from its rejection of violence in all its names, "Murderous Short" presents the first full ultimate questioning of the law, and it's perhaps Pisjavitz's most focused entry in The Decalogue series. The trainee lawyer full of faith and the future " Three Colors Red "Just like the law students in the book, only after stepping into the society did they gradually discover the big difference between the theoretical law and the practical law. He found it difficult to answer the following question: Does violence in the name of the law necessarily equal good? Is a bad law a law? Is the law more important than prevention or punishment? How to judge the fairness of sentencing between crime and punishment? Bjort recalled seeing Yazek in a cafe before the murder, but he was unable to predict and prevent the crime from happening, and could only watch the criminal accept the death penalty afterwards, even though it would lead to shattering his ideals.
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  • Lola 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    The main difference with the fifth commandment of the Ten Commandments is in the opening and closing. The Ten Commandments begin with a lawyer's confession about the law, which is relatively straightforward and has a point-and-click function. The confession was cut out of the killing short, and replaced by a series of images of death: green water, dead mice, hanged cats. As if a harbinger of impending murder. The ending of the killing clip is also more subtle, the lawyer's sadness is limited to the expression, and there is no "I hate you" cry. The editing sequence of some of the middle paragraphs has been adjusted. In addition, some exchanges between lawyers and girlfriends have been added. A nice addition is the addition of a shot of excrement dripping into the box after the hanging, explaining why the yellow box is close-up in the fifth commandment. In general, there is little difference between the two versions, the murder short film is slightly better, but after watching the Ten Commandments, there is no need to watch the murder short film. It is worth mentioning that Keye's mother died in a car accident, and it was his friend who caused the accident.

  • Madaline 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    The fifth episode in is the same as . The love short film in is not as explosive as the long one. On the contrary, this one should be caused by the difference in the focus of the conflict. As for the discussion of the law, it has already gone beyond The category of film, and the discussion of similar themes happens to be Kieslowski's forte.

A Short Film About Killing quotes

  • Jacek Lazar: I didn't listen in court, not until you called to me. They were all... all against me.

    Piotr Balicki: Against what you did.

    Jacek Lazar: Same thing...

  • Piotr: So you want me to see your mother.

    Jacek: Yes, to ask her to bury me next to my father. Can I be buried in a cemetery?

    Piotr: Yes.

    Jacek: The priest they sent said I could.

    Piotr: Naturally.

    Jacek: Next to my father is another plot. It was supposed to be for my mother. Ask her to let me have it.

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