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2022-07-14 20:10
· This film is Director Nicholas Jasenovec 's feature film debut.
·The film participated in the 2009 sundance film festival and won the Waldo Salt Screenplay Award at the film festival. And was nominated for the jury's Best Award.
· In this film, Charlyne Yi is not only the heroine, but also one of the screenwriters, producers and composers.
·Besides actress, Charlyne Yi is also a painter, novelist and musician.
· Charlyne Yi 's ancestry is extremely complex, her mother is Filipino-Spanish, and her father is of Korean, Irish, French, German and American ancestry.
·The actor Paul Rust who starred in the film is a member of Charlyne Yi 's band "The Glass Beef". In the band Paul Rust is lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
·The entire film was shot by DV. 
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Paper Heart quotes

  • Nicholas Jasenovec: What are you and Micheal Cera instant messaging about?

    Charlyne Yi: He says... I don't know he's being annoying. He said he wants to elope and I said...

    Nicholas Jasenovec: He asked if you wanted to elope?

    Charlyne Yi: 'No, I don't know you.'

  • Michael Cera: D you live around here?

    Charlyne Yi: I don't wanna tell you where I live. I don't trust you.

    Michael Cera: Oh, okay. You don't have to. I can look it up.

    Charlyne Yi: Look it up? Is it on the internet?

    Michael Cera: I can ask, someone.

    Charlyne Yi: You'd do that?

    Michael Cera: Probably.

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