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2022-07-14 18:52
"Mashup Comedy"
At the sundance film festival in 2009, the film became a topic of conversation, not only because such a warm and pleasant independent film stood out at the sundance film festival marked by sex, blood and violence, but more because Because such a novel film mixed with documentaries and feature films can make people more resonate with "real and fantasy". But how did this "mix and match" of documentary and feature films come about? Charlyne Yi, the film's heroine and producer, said: "I've wanted to make a documentary about love for a long time. Because there are so many love stories we hear on a daily basis, it's flooding. And people also I really like to ask about other people's love experiences. The wonders of love shown in movies and novels are also breathtaking. So I was thinking, is it possible to make a documentary that asks other people's love experiences and views on love. Although I don't Believe that love is such a thing, but I still think it would be cool to make such a movie download. Because there are so many people around us who are looking for love, and for a lot of them, love is like Air, water, food is as important as sunlight. So, I found Director Nicholas Jasenovec and told him my thoughts, hope
Can make this idea into a movie.” Nicholas Jasenovec said: “When she found me, I thought she was joking. I know her personality and who she is, and I don't think she's going to finish a movie like this. There is no way she would like to do a love movie. But when everything was ready, I gradually realized that Charlyne Yi was not joking, she wanted to understand other people in this way - the views and opinions of those who believe in love, I think it is her way to learn. And I also found that she wants to change herself. The film has two main lines, one is a documentary, and the other is the main line of Charlyne Yi's love. Charlyne Yi wrote the script herself, and it shows that she wants to change herself." 
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  • Seth Rogen: Your love glass is half full.

  • Charlyne Yi: What is true love?

    Little girl: Love is when you love each other so much, like us girls love Chris Brown

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