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2022-07-14 17:21
It's a mash-up of documentaries, romances, and comedies. It looks very innovative, and it is the most eye-catching work at the 2009 sundance film festival. - "Rolling Stone" magazine
The unmistakably hilarious, well-placed performances; the seemingly random, but well-crafted dialogue; it all makes the whole movie look fantastic. - "Variety"
After being fed up with Jack Black-esque comedy, looking back at this "moisturizing and silent" independent "comedy documentary", it feels like a breeze is blowing. -- "Hollywood Report" 
Charlyne Yi and Mike play a pair of "lovers" in the film. According to some media reports, in real life, the two of them are also married couples. However, these two people kept a close eye on it, never voluntarily admitting nor firmly denying their relationship. Charlyne Yi said: "If the two main characters were not friends, at the end of the film, they would be friends too. Needless to say, we were good friends in the first place, and at the end of the filming, our relationship could only be better. We Just ignore the rumors that we are lovers. No matter what rumors are smoke bombs made by us, we sell them to tabloid reporters. I think love is a natural relationship that cannot be pursued deliberately. Many times, A twisted melon is not sweet. I’m pretty good now, I don’t have too many scandals, and I won’t worry about love games. As long as there is fate, when everything comes naturally, love will come back naturally.” Mike said: "For me, making this movie was like putting on a reality show, all the questions and answers were real, the script didn't interfere too much with the interviewees, especially when a lot of people were willing to come out and talk to them. The privacy we share, sounds really exciting. And I promise you, in the movie, you can't really see what's our planned plot, what's the real record. This kind of mash-up of documentary and drama gives We have a lot of creative freedom. Sometimes, reality and virtuality are not so clear-cut. In our films, reality and virtuality are very blurred. If there is a chance, I will make another film. such a film."
A gust of wind over Sundance
When it comes to independent film , the first thing that many people think of is weirdness and obscurity. Maybe "incomprehensible" becomes the golden sign of independent film; after that, many people think of "a lot of sex scenes and bloody violence", maybe this It is another label of independent film. However, at the sundance film festival in 2009, the film did become a fresh spring breeze, which was refreshing.
The person in charge of the sundance film festival said: "Little Miss Sunshine and The Magician in 2006 are good films that can be encountered but not sought after, and they really brighten up the whole film festival, and this film is also such a film. The movie. The popularity of the movie is not because of its novel shooting methods, but because it gives us hope. This hope is more because the movie truly records the changes in the actors' hearts and relationships. Charlyne Yi in the movie At the beginning of the film, she declared that she did not believe in love, but in the process of the film, she seemed to have tasted the meaning of love again, and she was full of yearning for love. Coupled with the filming method of the documentary, we came to identify with Charlyne Yi's character and herself. That's the genius of this movie."
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Paper Heart quotes

  • Nicholas Jasenovec: What are you and Micheal Cera instant messaging about?

    Charlyne Yi: He says... I don't know he's being annoying. He said he wants to elope and I said...

    Nicholas Jasenovec: He asked if you wanted to elope?

    Charlyne Yi: 'No, I don't know you.'

  • Michael Cera: D you live around here?

    Charlyne Yi: I don't wanna tell you where I live. I don't trust you.

    Michael Cera: Oh, okay. You don't have to. I can look it up.

    Charlyne Yi: Look it up? Is it on the internet?

    Michael Cera: I can ask, someone.

    Charlyne Yi: You'd do that?

    Michael Cera: Probably.

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