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2022-07-14 15:30
 Charlyne Yi is a girl who doesn't believe in love. At the beginning, she said so herself. Or, at least, she doesn't believe in the "Prince Who Frog" and "Cinderella" romances that take place in mainstream Hollywood movies. Her life experiences have made her a type of person who has no illusions about love, but she's not a stone girl - which makes things tricky. The film began like this. Under the arrangement of Nick, Charlyne Yi's good friend and the director of the film , Charlyne Yi began a journey to find "the truth of love", and Nick himself will record her search for "what love is". the whole process. During this journey, Charlyne Yi met all kinds of people and shared all kinds of views on love with them. She visited her friends, asking strangers on the roadside and in hotels. These are people from all walks of life, scientists, race car drivers, second-rate writers who only write romantic love stories, and even small children. Charlyne Yi's question is very simple, and it is also the question that poets, nobles, novelists, philosophers and ordinary people of all ages have tirelessly sought: "Does true love really exist?" Among those various answers, Charlyne Yi seemed to understand what love was all about, but for sure, she certainly couldn't fully understand love.
In her search for answers, Charlyne Yi encounters a boy who makes her heart skip a beat: Mike. In the process of getting along with Mike, Charlyne Yi discovered her love instinct and became obsessed with the feeling of a heartbeat. But good things come and go, and love has twists and turns. It is not easy for Charlyne Yi to change her view on love. As for whether they can become each other's love in the end, it still depends on God's arrangement and their creation.
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Paper Heart quotes

  • Charlyne Yi: What is true love?

    Little girl: Love is when you love each other so much, like us girls love Chris Brown

  • Nicholas Jasenovec: What are you and Micheal Cera instant messaging about?

    Charlyne Yi: He says... I don't know he's being annoying. He said he wants to elope and I said...

    Nicholas Jasenovec: He asked if you wanted to elope?

    Charlyne Yi: 'No, I don't know you.'

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