A Street Cat Named Bob movie plot

2022-01-17 08:01
The breakdown of the family caused Jamessuffer a huge blow and began to give up on himself. He became addicted to drugs, penniless, and became a busker who wandered in the streets. Valis the doctor in charge of James' drug rehabilitation center. With her help, James finally has a home that can shelter from the wind and rain. Val firmly believes that James can completely get rid of the temptation of drugs by his own will. One day, a ginger-yellow stray cat broke into James's house. James adopted it and named it Bob. When James left the house and went to the street performers, Bob stayed with him. Soon, this combination of man and cat attracted the attention of passers-by, and James' economic situation was greatly improved as a result. At the same time, James met Betty, a woman who lives next door . In Betty's body, James rekindled his desire for love. Street artist James and A Street Cat Named Bob, one person and one cat changed the fate of each other in this way   .
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  • Filomena 2022-03-14 14:12:26

    Cats and dogs make the world gentle ❤️

  • Davon 2022-03-22 09:02:38

    I have a cat, it always stands on my shoulders, the two of us travel through the corners of the city, play the piano and sing in the lively streets full of people, no longer homeless, no longer lonely and afraid, take me away from the haze, and stay I am like a close relative.

A Street Cat Named Bob quotes

  • James Bowen: [from trailer] I'm ready. I've got Bob. He'll look after me.

  • James Bowen: [Spoken to Bob after Bob chases a mouse back into its hole] You only eat what I give you. Not the neighbors.

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