Against the Ropes evaluation action

2022-10-24 19:14
"Against the Ropes" finds inspiration from its uncompromising success, borrows the stories of real legendary women in the boxing world, and digs out new perspectives on female-themed films. The film uses that wind, and then uses Jiqi's real-life experience to create this "female boxing movie", which gives people a bit of a follow-up and far-fetched feeling.
The film's plot is bland, the narrative seems protracted, and the director Charles Turton, who directed the film for the first time, was immature in his shooting techniques and skills. As for the performance of Sweet Sister Margaret.Mary.Anne, like the nude cutting, it is "big wind and little rain". Her performance makes people feel insincere, she does not have a good grasp of the role, and she is neither cold nor light and difficult to enter the play. The layout of the plot is unattractive and cliché, which is regrettable.  
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Against the Ropes quotes

  • Jackie Kallen: All that plastic. It's a wonder she doesn't melt in that spotlight.

  • Jackie Kallen: That's my job to see shit coming.

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