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2022-06-27 16:45
There are always some young directors in The United States of America who are disgusted with the Hollywood system and against the European elite culture, and they independently produce their own films. The development of non-mainstream images has brought many possibilities for the advancement of mainstream films. So these Movies are very important.
Director David_Gordon _Green had another masterpiece (debut) "George Washington" famous for the Independent Spirit Award. This film has established his reputation in the art film industry.
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All the Real Girls quotes

  • Paul: [drunkenly] Listen, I want to talk... about when we were dating, I wanted to say to you that if I hurt your feelings... if I hurt your feelings, that I'm sorry...

    Mary-Margaret: [interrupting] Shut up.

    Paul: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings!

    Mary-Margaret: Shut up!

    Paul: I'm REALLY sorry and I'm trying to apologize to you in a real way.

    Mary-Margaret: [seething with anger and pain] You're not sorry. You know how I know that? Because you're not smart enough to be sorry. Guys like you... you never quit, and you never leave - you're gonna be here forever. How does it make you feel knowing that?

  • Bust-Ass: Usually I don't go for pancakes.

    Noel: Oh, yeah? What do you go for?

    Bust-Ass: Eggs.

    Noel: Really?

    Noel: You don't - what about, like, waffles and French toast, and stuff like that?

    Bust-Ass: No, the places I go usually are not that fancy.

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