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2022-04-04 08:01
Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy is based on a true story, written by Wendy Battles, who worked on CSI:NY and Law & Order. Amanda Knox, born in 1987 from Seattle, is a linguistics student at the University of Washington . She came to Perugia , Italy as an exchange student to study Italian, German and writing for a year. She is accused of conspiring with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and close friend Rudy Guede to murder college roommate, British Meredith Kercher, in 2007. The incident attracted widespread attention in the US, UK and Italian media. Italian prosecutor Guiliani Mignini called Amanda a cunning fox and described her as an over-indulgent, ruthless murderer who was eventually sentenced to 26, 25 and 16 years in prison after a two-year lawsuit. But there has been controversy over whether Amanda is guilty or the innocent victim. Amanda herself is currently in the appeal process, and Amanda's family and lawyers are concerned that the film will have a negative impact on her appeal, but Lifetime still broadcasts the film as originally planned.
The film is followed by an hour-long documentary, Beyond the Headlines: Amanda Knox, which examines the Italian legal system through the eyes of Amanda's parents, friends, investigators, prosecutors and legal scholars.
The film is based on real events, and there is no conclusion at the time of filming. According to a report by Cable News Network (CNN), on October 3, 2011 local time, an Italian judge announced that the "Angel Face Killer", known as the "Angel Face Killer", was not guilty of murdering Amanda Knox, an American college student. The bizarre murder case of the nerves of the three countries of the United States and Italy has finally come to an end.
In 2007, a murder case occurred at a university in Italy, and Amanda Knox (Harden Panettiere, " Heroes "), the roommate of the victim Meredith Kercher (Amanda Fernando Stevens), an exchange student from the United States, became the number one suspect suspected by the police. Italian prosecutor Guiliani Mignini (Vincent Riotta) has accused Amanda Knox, her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito (Paolo Romio) and friend Rudy Guede (Djirbi Kebe) of complicity in the case, and also called Amanda Knox "Foxy Knoxy". Guiliani Mignini publicly accused Amanda Knox of being a bohemian, hypersexual and femme fatale, and insisted she was the murderer. After a two-year lawsuit, Amanda Knox was eventually sentenced to 26 years in prison, but neither Italian police nor prosecutors offered any explanation for the case. Whether Amanda Knox is guilty or not is still a topic of conversation.
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    Finally turned into black Italy...

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    The police officer who handled the case saw Amanda and her boyfriend kissing next to them, and decided they were the murderers. . . The Italian police are also very ignorant of the evidence, and the interests belong to the defendant.

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  • Nick Pisa - Freelance Journalist, The Daily Mail: But hey, what are we supposed to do? We are journalists and we are reporting what we are being told. It's not as if I can say "Hold on a minute, I just want to double check that myself in some other way, who knows how, and I'll let my rival get in there first before me, and then, hey, I've lost a scoop." It doesn't work like that, not in the news game.

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    Amanda Knox - Murder Suspect: I think people love monsters. So when they get the chance, they want to see them. It's people projecting their fears. They want the reassurance that they know who the bad people are and it's not them. So maybe that's what it is. We're all afraid. And fear makes people crazy.

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