American Pastoral movie plot

2022-06-26 13:55
McGregor plays Lviv, a baseball star who did not continue to play after graduation, but chose to study and inherit the family business, eventually marrying Miss New Jersey and becoming a successful businessman, giving birth to a lovely daughter. But behind the happy family life lurks chaos and crisis. His beloved daughter planted a bomb in the grocery store, claiming to bring the war from Vietnam to the United States, and then disappeared without a word. Seymour has since embarked on a journey to find his daughter, but the truth he discovers completely shakes him, forcing him to look beyond the surface, to look at the world around him, and to face all the chaos. 
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American Pastoral quotes

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    Nathan Zuckerman: [narrating funeral] You come at people with an open mind, and yet you never fail to get them wrong. You get them wrong while you're with them, or you tell someone about them and get them wrong again. That's how we know we're alive. We are wrong. About the Swede, how life was going to open its arms and shower blessings upon him, I was never more wrong about anyone in my life.

  • Penny Hamlin: I don't blame you, Mr Levov. I don't blame either one of you. You didn't go out and buy the dynamite and make the bomb. You didn't plant the bomb. I feel badly for you both. The two of you... are as much victims of this tragedy as we are. I lost a husband. My kids lost a father. But the difference is that for us... we will survive as a family, a loving family. We will survive with our memories intact and our memories to sustain us. We are the same family we were when Russ was here and we will survive. That's the difference.

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