An American in Paris movie plot

2022-02-07 14:45
The story takes place in Paris after World War II. Jerry was an American soldier who stayed in Paris to study painting after his discharge. Due to his hard work, Jerry's painting skills are quite high, and he has a lot of works, but he can't sell one of them. He was very close to another American, pianist Adam and French singer Henri. They are young and active, and they pass the day carefree.
One day, a rich American woman named Milo came to Jerry's house to buy paintings. She took a fancy to Jerry. After buying the painting, Milo invites Jerry to a bar for dinner. There, Jerry meets a young and lively French girl named Liz who works as a salesperson in a cosmetics store. The two talked very speculatively, Jerry secretly liked her, but she left in a hurry because of a date, which made Jerry very angry every time they met. Later he learned from friends that Liz's parents died in the war. Henry cared about her very much, and the two were already engaged. Even so, Jerry became more and more Alice. Henry was generous, and saw that Jerry was really Alice, and the two had a very tacit understanding of their interests, so he decided to sacrifice himself. In order to make good friends, Henry left his hometown for the United States. Liz went to say goodbye to Henry, and Jerry mistakenly thought that Liz would fly away with Henry, so he fell into reverie. He dreamed that he and Liz were singing and dancing on the streets of Paris. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, Liz returned to his side, and the two became married   .
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  • Elmo 2022-03-25 09:01:20

    The clip of talking about a 19-year-old girlfriend in a cafe just made me laugh. It is not only sexy and charming on the bed, but also intellectual and elegant under the bed. It can be as quiet as a virgin but also as moving as a rabbit... The plot is also indescribable, I think I can find it The down-and-out painter in true love and the cabinet sister who was oppressed by World War II and sold perfume under the fence, the two were constantly ambiguous while enjoying the sacrifices of the elder sister Bai Fumei who supported them and the charming older male star, but in the end, neither of them was bold. Pursuing the so-called true love also depends on the success of Bai Fumei's sister and big stars... I watched loneliness for two hours

  • Milan 2022-03-25 09:01:20

    Combining Geshewen's tunes, tap dancing and ballet, the weak main storyline is placed after the war, but nostalgia for the inter-battle period can be seen everywhere. The final seventeen minutes of the ballet are the finishing touches, the scenery, the movement of the mirrors and the dance are breathtaking - when the protagonist, who is set to be a poor painter, jumps into the painting of Rousseau and Lautrec, I smile.

An American in Paris quotes

  • Jerry Mulligan: I never touch a guy unless I've known him at least fifteen minutes.

  • Jerry Mulligan: [Narrating] Brother, if you can't paint in Paris, you better give up and marry the boss's daughter.

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