Another Year movie plot

2022-02-07 14:58
In the spring, Gary and Tom, who had been happily married, were with Gary's lonely colleague, Mary. Gehry works as a medical consultant, while Tom is a geologist. That night, Mary was drunk and whimpered that her good life had been ruined. Gary and Tom have a 30-year-old son, Joe, a community lawyer, and have a very good relationship between generations. However, as his colleagues and friends all entered the palace of marriage one by one, Joe was still single.
One weekend in the summer, Ken came to London to visit Gehry and Tom. Ken is a government worker, and he and Tom's friend are fellow countrymen. That night, Ken was very drunk, complaining constantly about the tragedy and loneliness of life. The next day, Gehry sat by the door basking in the sun while the other men played golf. Mary is late and she has been worrying about her new used car. When she sees Ken, the single Mary Chun is heartbroken, but her clumsy flirting skills leave Ken dumbfounded. After all, Mary is a kind woman without much love experience.
In the fall, Gehry and Tom return home from vacation. Son Joe had prepared a small welcome party for them, and he had hidden his partner Katie behind the door beforehand. Katie is a professional physiotherapist, and she was instantly loved by her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Mary was also invited. But she seemed a little jealous of Katie. During tea time, her behavior has been vulgar and unreasonable. Although everyone understands that Mary is angry because of her new car, Mary's attitude towards Katie makes the mild-mannered Gary and Tom very puzzled.
In the winter, Gary, Tom, and Joe drive to Katie's hometown to attend her brother Ronnie's funeral. At the funeral, Ronnie's long-lost son, Carl, arrives belatedly. After the funeral, Carl was furious with his dead father, and he demanded that all those who came to leave his home immediately. In desperation, Gehry and Tom invite Carl to London to live with them for a while. At the same time, Mary also came to London without warning. She lost control of her emotions and smoked together with Carl, who was at a loss. At first, Gehry didn't want to invite Mary to tea, but Mary apologized for her previous behavior. Compassionate, Gehry lets Mary in. At the dinner table, these people chatted. Gary and Tom reminisce about the days when they were young donkey pals; Joe and Katie were looking forward to their upcoming trip to Paris; Carl restrained his temper and quietly drank beer and ate dinner ; And Mary, only her own messy and empty past - no memory and vision.
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Another Year quotes

  • Ken: Young people, young people. Everything's for young people. Those bars, you know, they're full of young people shouting about nothing.

  • Gerri: What is the one thing that will improve your life apart from sleeping?

    Janet: Different life.

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