Atlantic City movie plot

2022-03-14 08:01
In the late 1970s, Atlantic City, which had just opened its casino industry, was in the midst of a transition between old and new. Sally Matthewsworks as a waitress at a legal casino and follows a Frenchman to learn how to be the bookmaker, hoping to one day make a fortune in Las Vegas., who shares an apartment with Sally Matthews , is now the lover and housekeeper of the old widow Grace Pinza, and has a secret crush on Sally.
Sally Matthews' estranged husband, David Matthewsbefriends Lou Parshall, uses him to sell cocaine, but is soon killed by the Mafia. The mafia didn't find the drugs, so they came to Sally Matthews, Lou Bacher killed two underworld gunmen, and drove Sally to Florida. Sally Matthews took part of the drug money from the motel and went to Las Vegas to find her dream. Lou Bascher knew but did not stop it. Lou Bachel calls Grace to say that he is a wanted murderer by the police and returns to Atlantic City. The two men sold their remaining drugs and took a pleasant walk along the seaside boulevard, with the rapidly changing Atlantic City behind them   .
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Extended Reading
  • Kole 2022-03-20 09:03:07

    Watched it after a weekend in Atlantic City. The hippie sister is stereotypical and unrealistic. That Lou, a "nobody" who accidentally got a fortune, could so calmly let Sally leave with the money, is hard to believe.

  • Sanford 2022-03-21 09:03:27

    The little bit of vitality hidden in the mess is commendable, and perhaps it is also in jeopardy under the deepest investigation. It is really an anti-type in the mainstream. The subtitles are not very good, other than that, I like it, Louis is still such a genius

Atlantic City quotes

  • Grace Pinza: If you leave me alone with her, I'm gonna kill you Lou.

    Lou: Grace, will you listen for just once. This is not medicine.


    Grace Pinza: I'm still a very important woman in this town. I'm Cookie Pinza's widow! He used to deliver coffee for Cookie. He's my servant.

    Chrissie: Do you know that your whole body ends at the bottom of your feet? You think I am just poking your feet. Well, when I touch this spot here...

    Grace Pinza: Lou.

    Chrissie: This is where your spine is.

    Grace Pinza: Lou!

    Chrissie: When I touch this spot here, this is where your tummy is.

    Grace Pinza: *Lou!*

  • Lou: It's all shit now. It's a shame you never saw Atlantic City when it had floy floy. Remember the song, "Flatfoot Floogie with the Floy Floy"?

    Dave: No.

    Lou: Hep cat and zoot suit. That was the floogie part.

    Dave: Yeah?

    Lou: The floy floy. That was something special. Atlantic City had floy floy coming out of its ears in those days. Now it's all so goddamn legal. Howard Johnson running a casino. Tutti-frutti ice cream with craps don't mix.

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