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2022-07-08 20:53
The film describes the romance between two "artistic young women" in small towns. Although the subject matter is different, it is not too immoral. In fact, although the love between the two protagonists is not suitable for the mainstream morality of society, it is a depiction of love after all. Caring too much for the protagonists makes them look a bit rigid, but the two middle-aged supporting actresses in the film are more glorious. Judy's character has a bit of dark humor. She transgendered into a woman, but turned out to be a lesbian and double betrayed her gender. What is she looking for? Is it true love? Still the real me? Fortunately, she still has the social identity of a man, and finally she was able to marry Frances, which is very comedic.
Although this is a North American film, it is a bit like Almodóvar's Spanish film. It may be that the cost of the film is low, it has no big stars, and it has little ambition in the mainstream commercial film market. Most of the main characters in the film are more sexually open. Homosexuality, bisexuality, pornography, sex toys, nude paintings, and carnivals in bars and bathrooms are all common things. Even Maggie's mother is a little nervous and has to take it. Chocolate as a substitute for sex - that's where the title comes from. It is natural for women to fall in love in the film, and it is by no means an alternative to those described in some films because there is no suitable man to appear. Simulated sex is better than chocolate, homosexual love is better than simulated sex The description of sexual pleasure is treated equally to the same sex and the opposite sex.
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Better Than Chocolate quotes

  • Maggie: What are you doing?

    Kim: Better homes and dildos!

  • Tony: [to Maggie] Can you believe she's never been in my coffee shop? Tell her how great it is.

    Kim: Come on, I just got here. I haven't been anywhere.

    Tony: Come on! Tell her how great it is, fuck!

    Maggie: It's great. Fuck.

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