Better Than Chocolate movie plot

2022-07-08 14:49
Maggie was just 19 years old, dropped out of school, worked part-time in a sex bookstore, and had no boyfriend, and was often seduced by several gay friends around her. Jim is a wandering painter, as young and beautiful as Maggie, but with a boyish style and character. The two teenage girls are naturally attracted to each other and fall in love, but even their friend Tony, the bar owner, can't forgive their relationship. Maggie's mother has just divorced Maggie's stepfather and is bringing Maggie's younger brother Paul to live with Maggie. After this traditional woman lost her sexual relationship, she could only comfort herself with chocolate.
Maggie rents a big room, and Jim moves in. The landlord is a woman who is eager to promote "safe sex", and she leaves a lot of simulated sex devices that give Maggie a headache. Maggie and Jim had just finished making out when their mother arrived early, and the two girls hurriedly packed the house and threw a box of simulated equipment under the bed. Maggie has never been able to explain her relationship with Jim to her mother. Her sad mother doesn't pay much attention to the relationship between the two girls. She takes chocolate as her only interest all day, but 17-year-old Paul finds them making out in the middle of the night. scenario.
The bookstore owner Frances looks like a little boy in appearance and personality, but Judy, the singer at the bar next door, is obsessed with her. Judy was originally a man. She liked being a woman since she was a child, but she became a "lesbian" who also likes women after she changed. This small bookstore, which mainly focuses on pornographic books and sex toys, gathers several women with gay tendencies, and Jim also comes to help with Maggie.
Maggie's mother was unwilling to have nothing to do, so she applied for a job as a real estate agent. Judy, who wanted to buy a house, wooed Frances with the encouragement of Maggie's mother, but Frances couldn't accept it for a while. Several young people went to the bar to have fun. Maggie's mother was at home alone and accidentally found the box of sex toys. The long-term loneliness made her try it out, and she was "happy like a fairy". And Carla, the bookstore clerk, were also immersed in happiness, and Frances also kissed Judy under the emotion.
The next day, the mother came to ask about Maggie's box, but found out that Maggie and Jim were in a relationship. The mother and daughter quarreled, and Jim ran away because Maggie was unwilling to reveal their anger. The city government wanted to seal up some "dirty" books in the bookstore. An angry Maggie stripped naked, hung up "unsightly" tags, and stood in the window to protest. The mother came to Judy to talk to her, but learned that Judy turned out to be a transgender person.
The two came to the bookstore together and saw that Maggie was being teased by a few skinheads outside the window. The two rushed to it, and Judy seemed to have regained a little man's blood and strength under the anger. The skinheads brought Molotov cocktails to retaliate, causing a gas explosion in the bar next door, and even the bookstore was blown up. Fortunately, no one was injured. Jim and Maggie who came back hugged each other, and Judy hugged and kissed France who came back.
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Better Than Chocolate quotes

  • Carla: Customs held up another order of books at the border. They're claiming the books are pornographic... hello? Which they aren't. Well, maybe "Butches in Chains" is, but so what?

  • Judy: I'm Jeremy.

    Lila: You're a man?

    Judy: No, no, no, no, no, not really. Not ever. I was born into a man's body but I've always been a woman and well, after the final surgery...

    Lila: I think I need a little drink.

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