Bo bui gai wak movie plot

2022-01-19 08:01
Flip-flops () addicted to gambling, the situation down and out, living abjection, creditors were often forced the door of shame is not that pouring paint, was also ailing father held in contempt; and sandals Baiba partner Butterfield- () Youth, young, romantic by nature, mingling with celebrities and souvenirs, like a fish in water. In order to satisfy their respective expenses, flip-flops and Baidu became the right-hand men of the charter (Mr.) "Blasting Trio", walking around the rivers and lakes, specializing in theft. As the saying goes: Pirates are also good. Although flip-flops, Baidu, and charterers are used to stealing, they never commit adultery, kidnapping, murder and arson.
Once, flip flops and Baidu succeeded in the hospital, but accidentally got involved in the competition between Hong Kong Hong and Li's giants. To save the little baby who is hanging by a thread, flip-flops desperately save him regardless of theft. Whoever thought, the baby was saved, Hong Jianbang, the son of Hong Kong's invisible rich man who was fighting for one side, fell to his death. Not long after the incident, a 30-million-dollar business was placed in front of flip-flops, Baidu, and charterers who were at the same time sinking into the bottom of their lives. Before it was too late to negotiate, flip-flops, Baidu, and charterers stole what the gang buyer needed from the rich man's house.
When flip-flops and Baidu found that what they got was a cute little baby, the short hesitation finally failed to overcome their desire for 30 million windfall. On the way to deal with the gang boss Seventh Uncle, the driver of Baidu is aggressive, but does not want to get into trouble due to routine police inspections. In an emergency, the Hong family killer self-defeated and helped the flip flops a lot. In order to prevent the money in hand from slipping away, the charterer fought back alone and was taken away by the police. Although the flip-flops and Baidu got away by chance, the two big men were helpless with the cute little baby in front of them.
The charterer under investigation by the police accidentally saw that the Hong family offered a reward of 30 million yuan to find blood, and tried to inform the flip-flops and Baidu to not let go easily. In the days of taking care of the baby, despite the two big men making a fool of themselves and suffering, with the help of the store nurse Shufen, the two men gradually fell in love with the cute baby. At the same time, the gangster Qishu who walked out of the police station was killed by the Hong family for failing to give up the child. The charterer was found by the Hong family and agreed to the transaction in the face of the temptation of thirty million.
After a thrilling ride, the charterer received an upfront payment of 5 million. But when flip-flops and Baidutong reluctantly handed the baby to Hong's family, the baby cried out "Dad" and looked for help, making people drag and Baidu back to be a human being. His conscience, regardless of his own safety, desperately rescued him. In order to regain the little baby who has fallen to the Hong family and is about to be killed by the Hong family, the flip-flops and Belden showed the love of a real man, and changed their life that was despised by the family. Destiny   .
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  • Elissa 2022-03-24 09:03:21

    It's a comedy, it's funny, I like Jackie Chan and Louis Koo, the little babies in it are so cute

  • Garry 2022-03-19 09:01:08

    After watching it for a long time, the two tough guy dads are very cute. After reading it, I feel that family affection in the world is really powerful, and the love of parents is the most selfless.

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