Bo bui gai wak positive view

2022-01-19 08:01
"ROB-B-HOOD" is full of laughter, relaxed overall, and a lot of fun. In "ROB-B-HOOD" we were able to relive the "Plan A"-style scenes: many unknown characters, "random encounters" in a small space, produced a high concentration of dramatic conflict and comedy. The other humor is that the dialogue is not bad, which makes most viewers overwhelmed. But in the final analysis, the key role of "ROB-B-HOOD" is not Jackie Chan, but the "baby" in the title and poster.
This little baby is the "core prop" that drives the plot, but his role is far more than an "object". This baby, who has been selected by many thousands, has cute and funny movements, smiles, and expressions. This is no different from the "baby model" in the TV commercial. The value higher than the "baby model" is that the director often uses babies to create thrilling scenes such as falling from high altitudes and chasing cars on the road . Judging from the reaction of theater audiences (), this trick has been tried and tested — far better than Jackie Chan The most difficult action scenes made by yourself are even more exciting. Of course, this baby should also play another role: probation, so that "flip flops" and "Bei Datong" transform from stubborn thieves to "new people who know honor and shame."
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