Boruto: Naruto The Movie movie plot

2022-04-17 08:01
After a long war is a new era of rapid growth. In order to prepare for the Chunin exam, Sasuke's daughterうちはサラダ , the excellent Shimonin Miyuki , and Uzumaki Boruto practiced at the practice ground in the village.
The first exam is a test of intelligence, and the second exam is a teamwork. Boren and the others, who kept breaking through the difficulties, finally faced off against Shikamaru's son in the personal battle arena of the third exam under the witness of Five Shadows.
At this time, the big explosion that distorted the space hit. Since Kaguya has not returned to hand over the chakra fruit to the Otsutsugi family after a thousand years, Otsutsuki's "main family" sent the two of them to the earth together. Find the whereabouts of Kaguya, and have them replant the sacred tree by recovering the tailed beast Chakra in Ren Zhuli.
For the first time, Boren, who knew the path his father had traveled, and understood how he missed his father, joined Sasuke and Gokage, who overlapped his young figure with Naruto when he was a child, and entered a different space where enemies were waiting. The enemy has launched a challenge with mortal determination. 
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