Branded evaluation action

2022-07-14 18:46
The film focuses on the impact of advertising on people in today's highly international, market-oriented society.
The love between the male and female protagonists is also very touching. Some details are very emotional. 
The biggest highlight of this film is the design of the fake trademarks in it. Of course, in movies that are critical advertising, they can't use real goods, so we see a lot of trademarks that don't exist in the first place, and because these trademarks are very similar to our real-life brands, we can easily Think of these brands, such as Microsoft, Youtube, McDonald's, LG, and more. 
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Branded quotes

  • Title Card: [Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Socrates, and various other historical names appear] All of these unusual people heard a voice. All of them saw things other couldn't see. All of them changed the world.

  • Woman: [reviving Young Misha from a lightening strike] Young man... You're going to have a very unusual life.

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