Breakfast on Pluto evaluation action

2022-03-23 08:01
The film is a unique and shocking film. Director Neil Jordan choreographed an impossibly surreal story that evokes smiles, faith, and anguish in every audience by depicting the comical, moving and painful experiences of a young man in the face of life's trials and tribulations. Innate kindness. Actor Cillian Murphy has captured his role well, and his acting is convincing. His Indian girl outfits, and the scene of pushing a stroller at the beginning of the movie is funny, and he sings a different kind of song. Murphy's appearance in the film will not make people feel awkward. Through the male protagonist's transvestites, Britain and Northern Ireland can be seen, and there is something deeper. If you like literary films, this is a movie worth watching  .
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  • Idella 2022-03-23 09:03:34

    Cross-dresser's life story, he is the most courageous optimistic person who never gives up, always believes that true love seeks true love, laughter covers her inner pain, she is the most unique. OST is great.

  • Kaitlyn 2022-03-23 09:03:34

    Cruel land, he conquered with innocence.

Breakfast on Pluto quotes

  • Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Oh serious, serious, serious!

  • Billy Hatchett: [finding that Patrick has taken all of the guns] Fuck. Don't you know what this means? Do-do you know what these guys are like, Paddy?

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Don't let this come between us, Billy.

    Billy Hatchett: Shut up! Jesus, what the fuck am I gonna do? Fucking Jesus!

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Tell them I was spring cleaning, darling.

    Billy Hatchett: Where are they, Paddy? Tell me, where are they?

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Now, what is this you mean, my darling?

    Billy Hatchett: The guns, you little fucking whore! Where are they? The guns! It's all too fucking serious! Don't go fucking me around.

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Oh, all of a sudden, everybody's getting serious! Serious, serious, serious.

    Billy Hatchett: I'm not fucking joking, Patrick! Where are they?

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: I told you to call me Kitten.

    Billy Hatchett: Don't fucking know me. You don't know where I've gone. And if they come, if they fucking come, you tell them nothing. I mean nothing.

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Whatever you say, darling.

    Billy Hatchett: You're way out of your league, Patrick. You don't know what you're dealing with. Don't fucking know.

    Patrick "Kitten" Braden: Oh, I do. I know, all right. I knew you were only joking about the roses... and the sweets, too, probably. But it was nice while it lasted.

    [Hatchett drives off]

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