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2021-11-16 08:01
If "Hollywood Produced" represents a movie of a big star, then "Disney Production" must be imprinted with traces of fairy tales. "Princess Diaries" is a new era of "sparrow turning into a phoenix" story, and the female lead actress Anne Heather Wei has also been regarded as a new generation of "Audrey Hepburn" princess.
The film tells the growth process and the thoughts of growth, not only the princess's nurturing diary, but also the nurturing diary of responsibility and self-confidence.
The fairy tale dreams in each of us have been best interpreted in this movie. We saw a young girl’s pursuit of family, friendship, and love in the process of growing up, and saw the confusion and moving of a young girl in the process of growing up. Although it is wrapped in the colorful coat of fairy tales, the real growth diary inside still brings us countless touches! 
When talking about the film, the director said, “In fact, everyone is a princess, but they don’t know it until someone touches their lives and tells them that they are princesses.” Producer Houston said: “That’s not the case. It doesn't mean that they must be born in the royal family, but it just means how you feel about yourself in your heart. What really matters is how you think about yourself and love yourself." The celebrity director creates a new generation of big mouth shadow queens. 
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  • Else 2021-11-16 08:01:28

    I think many people fell in love with you from this movie, Annie.

  • Angelo 2022-04-23 07:01:45

    When I was in junior high school, Qiu Shi always said that I looked like this princess. In high school, she talked about it again. Finally, I watched this movie. Only then did I know that X, such a beauty, is too flattering for me.

The Princess Diaries quotes

  • Mia: [Responding to Lilly's insults] Lilly! Just stop it, okay? Just because your hair sucks, get off mine!

  • Gym Teacher Harbula: Bobby Bad, hang up the phone.

    Bobby Bad: [on his cell phone] Yes, Mom, I'll go to the dentist after school.

    Mia: I hate it when they move in like that.

    Gym Teacher Harbula: Mia, it's not a championship game, it's not even a *big* game, it's just gym class. Just hit the ball. I don't want to flunk you in gym class. C'mon, you can do it. Keep your eye on the ball.

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