Brigsby Bear evaluation action

2022-04-04 08:01
"Brigsby Bear" has a calm style, creating a semi-distancing emotion from beginning to end, with the first half darkened and the second half brightened, inadvertently sandwiched with light jokes. This movie has a sense of loneliness, and it has a strange taste. Its strangeness comes from the angle of the story, like a ray of light that suddenly shines in a hole that is rarely thought of, and then becomes a beam of light that gradually drifts away. Scattered far away   .
The film is full of kindness to life and a tribute to creativity and imagination. The director handles the relationship between the kidnapper and the victim from a gentle angle, the kidnapper's integration into the kidnapper's family, the embarrassment of social relationships, and how he pursues his dreams. In the film, the interaction between the original mother played by Michaela and her son is also very warm.Lianhe Zaobao commented)   
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Extended Reading
  • Milan 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    When we are eager to judge and evaluate with secular standards, and eager to let him return to social dogma, we forget how to integrate into his world. Brisbee Bear uses a clever way to explain understanding and communication. It removes all evil and dark sides and heals everyone's wounds in the warmest way. Although this reconciliation is too ideal, it is delicate and moving. I hope that every "freak" has a moment of being treated tenderly.

  • Sven 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    Warm, touching, not pretentious, positive energy, should be five-star, mainly girls don't like it

Brigsby Bear quotes

  • James Pope: I've been an outlaw ever since I came into this world.

  • Merideth: Have you ever been with a girl?

    James Pope: Mmm hmm. On the internet.

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