Brute Force movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
Violence and fear are the norm at overcrowded Westgate Prison, the warden has less power than the guards and lead inmates, and the least satisfied inmate is the tough, single-minded Joe Collins. On top of that, Joe hates Guard Captain Muncy, a petty dictator who prides himself on absolute power. After one too many breaches, Joe and his fellow inmates are placed on horrific drains; this prompts an escape plan that threatens to turn into a massacre. At Westgate, Warden AJ Barden is a weak man, and the prison is actually run by an ambitious sadistic Captain Munsey who uses violence, fear and betrayal to control prisoners. Prisoners lost their privileges after Captain Muncy provoked the suicide of Tom Lister, one of the inmates in cell R-17, and the rest of the R-17 cell team led by Joe Collins were sent down the drain for arduous and arduous work. Unhealthy work. Using a successful strategy of war to try to escape, Joe and his men attacked the prison tower from the outside and Gallagher's group from the inside. However, this plan failed and ended in bloodshed. Joe Collins is a state prison inmate who thinks he's had enough and wants to run away. They were all fed up with the captain of the guard, Mr Muncie, who used physical and psychological torment against the men. When Joe and his fellow inmates were assigned to work on the drains outside the prison gates, Joe used the tactics of the Italian American forces during World War II as a basis for breaking out. 
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Brute Force quotes

  • Joe Collins: [Spencer is wavering about whether to join in with Joe's escape plan] Spencer. In or out? No guarantees go with this break. It's all or nothing. But you've gotta' make up your mind now. Now! Either way, no hard feelings.

    Spencer: [after long, thoughtful pause] With you, Joe. I'll play along.

    Robert 'Soldier' Becker: I never thought different.

    Spencer: Neither did I.

  • Warden A.J. Barnes: [In the Warden's office: things at the prison have gotten progressively worse] What's the answer to it? Are we going to have to keep every prisoner in ritual solitary? Other prisons must have the same problems, but they clear them up, keep things running smoothly.

    Captain Munsey: We've been through difficult times before, Warden.

    Warden A.J. Barnes: Oh, never like this. And McCollum is coming tomorrow. Why? Why can't he let me alone? Everything's gone wrong. I don't know who's to blame, but... I do know that every prisoner hates us.

    Captain Munsey: Not us. Me. It's ME they hate.

    Dr. Walters: [Sarcastically] I wonder why?

    Captain Munsey: [to Dr. Walters] You put on a guard's uniform and see how much they love YOU.

    Captain Munsey: [Directing his attention to the Warden] You talk to the prisoners over a loudspeaker. I talk to them with a club. You only MAKE the rules. I have to enforce them.

    Warden A.J. Barnes: Maybe it's the way you enforce them.

    Captain Munsey: Maybe it is.

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