Brute Force movie plot

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Violence and fear are the norm at overcrowded Westgate Prison, the warden has less power than the guards and lead inmates, and the least satisfied inmate is the tough, single-minded Joe Collins. On top of that, Joe hates Guard Captain Muncy, a petty dictator who prides himself on absolute power. After one too many breaches, Joe and his fellow inmates are placed on horrific drains; this prompts an escape plan that threatens to turn into a massacre. At Westgate, Warden AJ Barden is a weak man, and the prison is actually run by an ambitious sadistic Captain Munsey who uses violence, fear and betrayal to control prisoners. Prisoners lost their privileges after Captain Muncy provoked the suicide of Tom Lister, one of the inmates in cell R-17, and the rest of the R-17 cell team led by Joe Collins were sent down the drain for arduous and arduous work. Unhealthy work. Using a successful strategy of war to try to escape, Joe and his men attacked the prison tower from the outside and Gallagher's group from the inside. However, this plan failed and ended in bloodshed. Joe Collins is a state prison inmate who thinks he's had enough and wants to run away. They were all fed up with the captain of the guard, Mr Muncie, who used physical and psychological torment against the men. When Joe and his fellow inmates were assigned to work on the drains outside the prison gates, Joe used the tactics of the Italian American forces during World War II as a basis for breaking out. 
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    There are political metaphors

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    Dassin's early days, a classic and heroic escape scene

Brute Force quotes

  • Captain Munsey: [Captain Munsey and another guard are walking through the prison mess hall during the breakfast period, stopping at various tables] Oh, good morning, Gallagher.

    Gallagher: Good morning, Captain.

    Captain Munsey: I understand you're responsible for settling that little feud over in cell block "J." We appreciate your assistance, of course, but...

    Gallagher: The boys and I were only trying to help.

    Captain Munsey: [Sarcastically] "You and your boys." There's a very old bylaw in this institution about gangs, or cliques. We don't like them. We don't want them.

    Gallagher: Why don't you break them up, Captain?

    Captain Munsey: Gallagher, when are you gonna' remember that you're not back home, running a gang of hoodlums? Let ME be the policeman, eh? You just serve your time. And that way we'll both get paid off.

    Gallagher: That's right, Captain. Like the Book says, we always get what's coming to us. All of us.

    [Gallagher and Munsey exchange poisonous glances, then Munsey and the other guard move on]

  • Calypso: [Scene in Dr. Walters office: Dr. Walters is getting ready to go to an important meeting at the Warden's office] Sounds like a very important meeting you're going to this morning, Doc.

    [Pours Dr. Walters a small serving of liquor]

    Calypso: Is, uh, Captain Munsey gonna' be there?

    Dr. Walters: [Nods his head affirmatively] Mm-hmm.

    Calypso: [Nods his head knowingly] Mm-hmm.

    [Accordingly, he proceeds to pour Dr. Walters a much bigger shot of liquor, then sings some musical verse, Calypso-style]

    Calypso: Brandy's the very best drink in the world. If you drink enough your toes get curled.

    Dr. Walters: [Chuckling] Calypso, statistics show that if the level of alcohol in the blood exceeds one half of one percent, the blood pressure is affected, a cerebral condition occurs, and then... you're cockeyed.

    [Dr. Walters takes a drink of the liquor, nods approvingly, then exhales]

    Dr. Walters: And maybe that's the way it should be.

    Calypso: You don't like this place, Doc. What for you stay here?

    Dr. Walters: You haven't got much choice, Calypso. Neither have I.

    [Dr. Walters puts on his coat and leaves the room]

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