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2022-06-27 11:08
The ending of the film is that it was all the architect's nightmare. British film critic Denise Powell spoke highly of the film, pointing out that "a lot of the material in the film was written specifically for the film. It has a picture treatment that is rare in Britain and any other country"; "the whole film ends in one In a sense of insecurity that beautifully reflects the real horrors of the supernatural. There is no full explanation here, only a sense of irrational and undeserved horror of mystery." 
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Dead of Night quotes

  • Dr. van Straaten: Well, if I am a puppet and Mr. Craig's pulling the strings, the least he can do is to tell me a little bit more about the part he's giving me to play.

    Walter Craig: I wish it were as easy as that. But trying to remember a dream is like, how shall I put it, being out at night in a thunder-storm. There's a flash of lightning and, for one brief moment, everything stands out: vivid and startling.

    Dr. van Straaten: And what have the lightning flashes illuminated so far?

    Walter Craig: One thing is very vivid and very horrible. I hit Sally savagely, viciously.

    Sally O'Hara: Oh, no you won't! I shall stick close to Mr. Grainger. He's bigger than you.

    Walter Craig: Well, anyway, it isn't consistent. I shan't have a chance to, 'cause you leave here quite soon, quite suddenly.

  • [Sally's mother has shown up to drag her away to a party for her godfather Edwin]

    Sally O'Hara: But, Mother, I can't! You see, this is Mr. Craig, and I'm one of the characters in his dream!

    Mrs O'Hara: [shakes his hand briskly] Oh, how do you do? Such fun, charades! So, you do understand, don't you, and poor Edwin's so terribly sensitive. Now, come along!

    Sally O'Hara: Mummy, you mustn't! You see, Mr. Craig's going to hit me - savagely!

    Mrs O'Hara: Oh, well, I'm sure he can hit somebody else instead. Now, come along, dear!

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