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2022-04-06 08:01
The story of the film is not dramatic. The choreographer mainly uses the character contrast of Omani and Keith to create conflict and interest, and draw the audience's attention through some life-like details. Director Leo McCarey handles the rhythm of the film with a comedy sketch, and the film spends most of its time in a coherent plot with independent short performances and fast-fading cutscenes. Although this processing method makes the film light and smooth, it lacks the strength of coherence.  .
"Going My Way" is quite successful in character building. Bing Crosby is very devoted to the actor Omani, who makes Omani very pleasing; and Barry Fitzgerald's performance in the film is also outstanding. However, the film has a loophole in the arrangement of the plot. During the viewing process, the audience never got the answer of why Omani wanted to be a priest. There is a scene in the film where Jenny does not receive the last letter from Omani in the dressing room. As a result, the film can only stay on a superficial level and cannot give the audience a deeper touch  .
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  • Ted Haines Sr.: Where have you been the last two weeks?

    Ted Haines Jr.: Well, dad, I've been in a blue heaven dancing on a pink cloud. She came in on a moonbeam.

    Ted Haines Sr.: That's a lie. I had you followed.

    Ted Haines Jr.: That wasn't cricket, dad. When you were my age, I didn't follow you around.

  • Father Chuck O'Malley: [to Father Fitzgibbons as he goes to chip a golf shot out of a sand trap] Keep your head down now, father. And watch your language.

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