Going My Way movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
In the forty-six-year-old St. Dominican Church, the old priest in charge of the church, Keith, has served for 45 years. His patterns of thought and behavior have grown out of step with the times. He put the church in crisis by not being able to repay its loans. The young Father Omani came to take over the diocese on the order of the bishop. In order to save Keith's face without telling the truth, he volunteered to assist Keith in the name of assistant. Dissatisfied with Omani's easygoing style, Keith asked for Omani to be replaced, only to find out that he was the one to be replaced. Later, Keith chose to run away from home. Omani retrieved Keith and subtly changed Keith's original thoughts. At the same time, Omani also raised funds for the reconstruction of the church through the choir tour. When the problem at St. Dominican Church was resolved, Omani accepted the bishop's appointment and went to another diocese where the problem occurred to "act as a chivalrous man"  .
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  • Holden 2022-04-06 08:01:02

    Hello. Going my way, rather than being translated as "walking with me", still prefers "walking my own way", the latter also echoes the theme of the whole film: the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves. When rigid and old-fashioned system dogma meets innovative and dynamic new things, when conservatives meet reformers, this film gives an idealized blueprint and answers. Even the seemingly most immutable religious beliefs are actually a way of adapting to the times and society. The most obvious example of the change in the system is because the essence of religion is still people. Where there are people, there is faith and there is religion, and the church is a place where people gather. Only by adapting to the times and people’s hearts can we have devout believers. No change, since the original intention does not change, then the difference in the method is not harmful, and it will naturally lead to the same goal. A young girl who left home and did not do housework, a young man who abandoned his son and inherited his father's business and joined the army with passion, and a pastor who used his singing to influence preaching and love to play golf. Times have changed, people's clothing styles have changed, but human nature has not changed, the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, Hope and desire for love, family and friendship, curiosity and exploration of the world, this is the driving force for human development

  • Dee 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Looking at the main theme of Golden Dock now, I am completely immune... The arrangement of the branch lines is boring and contrived, it is better to focus on the main line. The dying church was replaced by a new one, but it was unavoidable that he was transferred away, but he was still naughty? The interaction between the two is super interesting. Loyal Dog + Tsundere (No, Bing sings very nicely!

Going My Way quotes

  • Father Chuck O'Malley: Hail, Alma Mater, thy time-honored halls shall echo with our praise till we die; and round our hearts are the ivy-covered walls of East St. Louis High.

  • Father Fitzgibbons: I'm sure that the way to say what I'd like to say will occur to me after you've gone.

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