Going My Way movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
In the forty-six-year-old St. Dominican Church, the old priest in charge of the church, Keith, has served for 45 years. His patterns of thought and behavior have grown out of step with the times. He put the church in crisis by not being able to repay its loans. The young Father Omani came to take over the diocese on the order of the bishop. In order to save Keith's face without telling the truth, he volunteered to assist Keith in the name of assistant. Dissatisfied with Omani's easygoing style, Keith asked for Omani to be replaced, only to find out that he was the one to be replaced. Later, Keith chose to run away from home. Omani retrieved Keith and subtly changed Keith's original thoughts. At the same time, Omani also raised funds for the reconstruction of the church through the choir tour. When the problem at St. Dominican Church was resolved, Omani accepted the bishop's appointment and went to another diocese where the problem occurred to "act as a chivalrous man"  .
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Going My Way quotes

  • Ted Haines Sr.: Where have you been the last two weeks?

    Ted Haines Jr.: Well, dad, I've been in a blue heaven dancing on a pink cloud. She came in on a moonbeam.

    Ted Haines Sr.: That's a lie. I had you followed.

    Ted Haines Jr.: That wasn't cricket, dad. When you were my age, I didn't follow you around.

  • Father Chuck O'Malley: [to Father Fitzgibbons as he goes to chip a golf shot out of a sand trap] Keep your head down now, father. And watch your language.

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