Cargo movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
The story takes place on a rusted space freighter KASSANDRA, which is on its way to Space Station 42. All the crew were hibernating in the cryostat, and the young doctor Laura was the only one awake on the ship, and she was on patrol for the last 4 months of the trip (4 years in total). But during her daily patrols, passing through the odd and empty cabin, Laura always felt that she was not alone, as if some strange power was hiding in the cabin, playing a cat-and-mouse game with the crew.
After the earth's ecology was completely destroyed, humans moved to outer space, causing the space station to be overcrowded, and the only hope of rescue was on another planet five light-years away from the earth.
On the way to the new planet, everyone will enter a frozen hibernation state, with only a few soldiers on guard, and in the four-month round guard of the young medical officer Lola, there seem to be other creatures on the strange and silent spaceship. Are those creatures foes or friends? Can this catastrophic human migration journey be successfully completed? 
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  • Camron 2022-03-21 09:03:31

    The heroine, that bitch, I really don't understand your values, so tens of millions of people live well in the virtual world and still have contact with their relatives in the outer world. Anyway, the feeling of that virtual world is different from reality. That's right, you cut off people's contact with their relatives and said you were saving them? Saying we don't want to live in a beautiful world and we're going back to building a dying earth? Is the fake better than the real? Eldest sister, people may not think so...

  • Carolyn 2022-03-21 09:03:31

    CGI is a cost-effective shooting method, and I can only say that I prefer traditional model special effects. Secondly, the director inherited Kubrick's symmetrical picture, and the visual beauty and tribute abound. The way the heroine enters the world of Rhea is exactly the same as Bowman's evolution from Jupiter to the 18th century baroque room into a star child. In addition, the appearance of the ultimate answer 42 shows that the screenwriter is a sci-fi geek, and the movie is actually a feminist story.

Cargo quotes

  • Laura Portmann: [from trailer] It's incredibly cold here. You could hardly imagine it.

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