Castaway on the Moon movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
정재영lost his job due to the company's reorganization. At the same time, his debts were high, and his wife left him. Kim Seung-jin, who was completely disappointed with his life, climbed the bridge of the Han River and jumped.
However, after Jin Shengjin woke up and turned around, he found himself floating on the small island in the heart of the Han River. After a brief escape attempt failed, Jin Shengjin fell into a Robinson-like situation on the edge of the city, recalling the cramped and busy modern life, Jin Shengjin gave up the idea of ​​suicide, and began to rely on various wastes on the island to live an alien life. At the same time, in the city high-rise, an autistic Miss Kimhappened to use the camera to witness the suicide of Kim Seung-jin, a girl who only spied on the street during the exercise for a year. This broke into an alien-like city Robinson. Miss Jin enters the dangerous streets for her at night to send her own signal to Mr. Jin, while Jin Shengjin responds with big characters on the beach, the wonderful pen pals slowly maintain the friendship, but In a chaotic city, where will this relationship go? 
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  • Wava 2022-03-31 09:01:09

    It has a rich metaphoric setting and script, and uses many humorous treatments to create a strong sense of reality. This can be seen as a story of two souls hollowed out by reality finding themselves on the edge of a surreal world, or a story of a diaosi and an otaku who gain confidence to face life through mutual spiritual exchanges, or just a simple love story, but the point is that it's beautifully shot!

  • Deontae 2022-04-06 09:01:06

    The man delivering the jjajang noodles broke down

Castaway on the Moon quotes

  • Male Kim: I am an ugly duckling... that became a slug rather than a swan.

  • Male Kim: I need some protein, guys.

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