Catch a Fire evaluation action

2022-04-11 08:01
"Catch a Fire" singles out racism as a central argument. It is different from director Ralph Nelson's 1975 film "The Wilby Conspiracy ", which actively resists injustice, and director John Boorman 's 2005 film " Country of My Skull ", which is different from the government's legal system. A bold take on sensitive skin tones in Guess Who's Coming To Dinner . Director Phillip Noyce injects a more ordinary atmosphere into the hearts of the public. Although the audience will see fierce fights between the protagonists in the film, as well as popular scenes such as explosions and pursuits, everything is to tell a story. The foreshadowing of South African citizens longing for a normal life, in order to bring the story closer to real life. The director will focus on the police officer's change in Patrick's entire life, in order to satirize the inhumane rule of white people over the South African people, and the endless troubles brought about by forced change   .
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  • Miles 2022-04-11 09:01:08

    It is interesting to put together the translations of the film titles from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and the three places: "Several translations in the Chinese world are very bad. The mainland's title is called "Rise of the Rod", which is equivalent to a denial of the full meaning of the film. The Taiwanese title is called "Terrorist Attack", and the two The name is very clear from left to right, different from Dai Tian. The Hong Kong one is called "Inflammation", and the meaning is too profound."

  • Doris 2022-04-11 09:01:08

    The reason the story is edited so real but more real is that these are just proxy wars! Behind it is the Soviet Union and Britain and the United States. It was before, it is now, and it will be later. The economic foundation is the foundation of everything, without which the Berlin Wall would fall. Now that we have that foundation, they see us as absolute containment. Are they wrong? Absolutely not! Are they right? Because containment never works. What we have to do is to fill the hole inside the fort! Understanding the above content shows that you are fully equipped with independent thinking ability, and you can do anything!

Catch a Fire quotes

  • Obadi: Are you ready to die!

    Rebels: Yes, commander!

  • Patrick Chamusso: My children, when they speak if their father, they will say he was a man who stood up for what was right, a man who said he must do something now. What will your children say about you?

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