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2022-04-11 08:01
During the apartheid era in South Africa, blacks had no social status at all. At first, the anti-apartheid fighter Patrick Chamusso was accustomed to this life, but his docile nature was completely changed by the wrongful arrest of the authorities, and then he rose up to try to end apartheid in South Africa. Despite his long-term persecution and ten years in prison, he has a broad-mindedness, a heart of generosity and a spirit of national reconciliation that are characteristic of the new South Africa. His unusual life experience also encapsulates a fascinating history in South Africa.
In 1981, Nelson Mandela had spent his seventeenth year in prison on Robben Island. The anti-government campaign to overthrow apartheid erupted with the explosion of the Secunda power plant in South Africa. The riot was a success without any casualties.
During apartheid South Africa, he was a successful man as the black manager of the Patrick Power Plant. However, falsely suspected by the authorities of sabotage, he was arrested and tortured by the police, and detained for six months. Patrick was extremely angry about his experience, and this man who had never cared about politics before joined the armed faction of the African National Congress Party and formulated a plan for Secunda to destroy the power plant.
The plan involved creating an accident in order to deliberately remove all the workers and then detonating the bomb. As a result, he was re-arrested and sentenced to life in prison by the authorities and sent to Robben Island. After serving ten years in prison, he was freed in 1991. Since then, Patrick has become a "freedom fighter", but Patrick and his second wife, Corny, have turned their home into an orphanage and adopted many children infected with AIDS   .
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  • Anissa 2022-04-11 09:01:08

    A good response to the racism of the time, the story is a little less vivid and a little more didactic.

  • Nicolette 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    Makes sense but didn't understand--.

Catch a Fire quotes

  • Obadi: Are you ready to die!

    Rebels: Yes, commander!

  • Patrick Chamusso: My children, when they speak if their father, they will say he was a man who stood up for what was right, a man who said he must do something now. What will your children say about you?

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