Catch a Fire movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
Patrick is a worker in a large oil refinery in South Africa. His harmonious family and stable income make him less concerned about the so-called racial movement, because he has always liked to live a peaceful life. Too many complaints. And many other workers in the refinery have to constantly struggle with the "noble" white people who still chant "racial inequality, segregation" under various pressures. Suddenly one day, an attempted fire factory incident occurred, which soon became the fuse of this "black and white confrontation". The state machine, which has always been controlled by white people, immediately sent white police detective Nick Voss to investigate the arson. Although Patrick did not participate in the worker's resistance movement that day, due to a public holiday, the stubborn policeman Nick extended his tentacles to Patrick's home, and even his family members were brought to the police station for interrogation. Seeing that the family members who were fooled by the "white ghosts" were powerless to resist, in order to protect his loved ones from suffering, Patrick was forced to admit his special identity related to the terrorist organization. It is because of this injustice that Patrick began a real terrorist career and confronted Nick in the operation to blow up the oil refinery again   .
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  • Loyce 2022-04-12 09:01:11

    Under the apartheid system in South Africa, blacks were oppressed, but for the majority of whites, why were they not victims? Each has a different position, each is under its own master, but the absurd system brings absurd distortions. Reconciliation, not revenge, is the recipe for peace once and for all. PS Jealous women are really bad things!

  • Onie 2022-04-12 09:01:11

    Compared to seeing numb anti-Japanese films, this film even gave me an urge to go to Africa, but a different civilization gave me such a shock. The most infectious thing in the film is the full and rhythmic African songs, which are really uplifting. The biggest weakening of the political element of this film is very worth watching.

Catch a Fire quotes

  • Obadi: Are you ready to die!

    Rebels: Yes, commander!

  • Patrick Chamusso: My children, when they speak if their father, they will say he was a man who stood up for what was right, a man who said he must do something now. What will your children say about you?

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