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2022-07-10 22:00
Sophisticated is arguably the best word to describe Straightheads, the low-budget British revenge thriller from promising writer-director Don Reed.
- British Broadcasting Corporation
It takes a lot of courage for someone to make a film like this.
- " Daily Mirror "
Documentary director Reid's fictional debut, about rape and revenge, is more of a cross between Straw Dogs (1971) and Irrevocable (2002).
- " The Times "
At orgasm, she sticks the barrel of the gun in the rapist's anus, so should she shoot? Let this question be left to the ethics and ethics discussion group.
- "The Observer"
This dirty, absurd thriller of rape and revenge is a pure waste of cine film , unless you're one of those few people who've been expecting to see Anderson pee or Dale masturbate.
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