Cold Prey 2 movie plot

2022-07-14 20:30
Jenico was rescued by Patrol Oli to the Ota Hospital. She spoke to the police about her tragic experience. She and a group of five of her friends were attacked by a perverted killer at a hotel on a snowy mountain. Her friend fell into the glacier slit with the killer. The police immediately organized a search and rescue.
Police did find the bodies of those people in the glacier slit and took them back to Ota Hospital. When the female nurse checked the belongings of these people, she unexpectedly found that the perverted killer was not dead. After the rescue in the hospital, the perverted killer survived. However, the perverted killer who has survived has massacred the people in the hospital. The hospital immediately became a hell on earth. Fortunately, the police arrived in time to rescue Jenico and Camilla. However, the police personnel were slaughtered by a perverted killer. In order to avenge the dead, Jenico decides to go to the hotel on the snowy mountain to kill the perverted killer.
In the end, with the cooperation of Jenico and Camilla, the perverted killer was killed. However, whether he really died is still an unsolved mystery.
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