Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl movie plot

2022-07-15 16:12
prostitute turned bestselling author
The film tells the true story of Brazil's first prostitute flying to the branches.
At the age of 17, she left a wealthy family life to work at a club in Sao Paulo and became a call girl. After 3 years and 10 days, she is about to turn 21 and ready to retire. At this time, she had saved enough money and wanted to go to college. When she met her true son, her life began to change!
She is the Brazilian prostitute "Bruna". Since I started in the prostitute industry, I decided to be an "extraordinary" prostitute! She is different from other prostitutes. She doesn't want to live in a mess all her life. She just wants to make enough money and realize her dream before leaving. She manages her own work in a corporate way, and frankly and boldly discloses the details of sex with men, women, and couples on the Internet, fully presenting the details of her personal life, which makes her blog immediately popular, and every day With more than 50,000 views, it has successfully gained popularity and has become a topical figure reported by countries around the world.
Today, Bruna has compiled her experience of going to sea for more than three years into a book, which has not only achieved astonishing sales figures in Brazil, but has also made her popular internationally and among the best-sellers. Bruna's story even featured in The New York Times , causing a huge response: "Bold and deep, this work completely subverts our understanding of Brazilian culture and ignites a passion for sexuality and its value. Debate!
Bruna does not regard taboos as scruples, honestly exposes women's physical experience, and describes in detail the complex psychology of men calling prostitutes. Her outspoken presentation of the life of a call girl affirms a woman's pursuit of sex and desire, and reveals a secret world that has never been revealed to us.
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