Do anything for money? The video says more

Lois 2022-07-15 22:02:16

This is a film about human nature and choice. In addition to having many large scales, the plot is also good, with several plot twists.

The plot twists of the movie are all caused by the choices made by the heroine or other people who affect the heroine's life, because people are social animals. For example, in the opening scene, the heroine went to a classmate's house and thought it would be a beautiful driving scene. , and released the pornographic photos when the heroine disobeyed. The pornographic photos were released, the male classmates had nothing to do, and the female protagonist became synonymous with "lewdness". Therefore, the change from the smile of the male classmates to the desire to enslave the heroine is really unexpected, and this is one of the choices that led the heroine to drop out of school and run away as a prostitute (the second reason is that the heroine's adoptive father Complete ignorance of the heroine--maybe because the heroine made a video? This video did not explain clearly, so some people said the reason for "running away from home to become a prostitute").

Another example is when the heroine became a surfer girl and had infinite beauty, her "boyfriend" retrieved the necklace for her, and persuaded her to use the money she earned to get back on the right track - I thought that with the heroine, she realized her original goal. Her dream is "to stop relying on others and live your own life well" and to return to the right path to do what she wants to do. Unexpectedly, she chose to continue to trade her body for quick money and indulge in those false "sweet words" on the blog. Succumb to the illusory sense of being needed. I think if the heroine returns to the right path at this time and starts a business with the accumulated funds, so as to reach the peak of life, then there must be many people who will score 4 points or more or even higher. However, utopia is beautiful, but reality is cruel, or human nature can't stand the test - wisely looking at the pursuit of others and stepping out of the "comfort zone" is not something that most people can do. After experiencing the betrayal and complete degeneration, the heroine recovered from the god of death, only to find that there was another person who had been silently waiting for her, and finally chose to return to the right path.

The main reason why the heroine was able to return to the right path was because the male friend chose to be tolerant and persistent. This is also the film's affirmation of the bright side of human nature, which is in obvious contrast with the heroine's alcoholic and meaty friends.

"Laugh at the poor but not at the prostitute" or "do whatever it takes for survival and money", "sell the body for money", or "lack of education, use drugs to make chickens", "Rebel Girl Sells Spring", I doubt some of the commenters Whether it's just for the sake of a large scale or not watching it seriously, in fact, there are many aspects that the movie wants to explore.

One is the issue of "school bullying". The male classmate who is also the protagonist of the pornographic photo and the distributor has not been punished, and has become a "hero" in the eyes of the classmates; when they met at a convenience store, the male classmate not only talked and laughed, but also had a girlfriend. This can't help but remind me of some so-called "feminist" women on Weibo or other platforms swearing at the equality of papi sauce and Gao Yuanyuan who chose to get married and have children -- please don't come under the banner of "feminism" Pointing fingers and making irresponsible remarks about other people's lives, equality and respect are the core of "feminism", you can choose to be single, long live, but you have no right to interfere in other people's lives and choices.

The second is the issue of family education and gender equality. The family background of the heroine in the film is not much, but there is one point that it is obvious that the family status of the heroine and her brother is not the same in the eyes of the adoptive father. Why would you adopt if you don't want to care about your adopted daughter's needs? How can the daughter be at fault, why not educate, but just carry out cold violence? In addition, both male and female classmates in the film did not accuse the male student who did evil at all, but the female protagonist not only received strange eyes from the opposite sex, but also was shamed by the same sex. Does this reflect the social phenomenon in Brazil?

The third is the issue of human nature. You were once admired by thousands of people, but they just love your position and identity, but if your identity and position are gone, then you are nothing, and in the end, you may be so miserable that you can only "sleep on the street" like a heroine. Human nature can never stand the test, treat yourself well in order to be loved by others.

Fourth, the film reflects some social problems. For example, poisonous fans are easy to get on the streets of Brazil, after all, gangsters are in power; Brazil's environment is relatively loose, and there are many erotic places; bureaucratic corruption - the heroine can easily handle the police. Of course, we should also consider a situation similar to that in our country - when your survival is not guaranteed or when you have children to raise, whether you would rather starve to death than be a lady on call (no choice) Or something else that's illegal and illegal but doesn't hurt others? When people really want to survive, they really choose to do whatever they can. How can there be living conditions like those keyboard warriors - da da da, just type a few words when you have nothing to do, and look at others from the commanding heights of morality. The best possible way to live?

Huang Bao does not conform to our values ​​and social values, but we should respect the choices of others, even if those choices are shameful for you or even trigger the law, you do not need to judge. Respect is an important sign of maturity, and I hope you and I can encourage each other.

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