Dance of the Dead movie plot

2022-10-20 13:03
At Xhosa High School in a small town, a dance party is about to start, and the fashionable men and women on the campus are carefully prepared, eager for a dreamy and romantic night. Several members of the sci-fi club, who are recognized as freaks in the school, visit the cemetery at night, but inadvertently wake up the terrifying zombies sleeping underground. For a time, the living dead climbed to the ground one after another, and the night of the town was full of terror and death. Soon, the zombie virus spreads to the school, and the dance is replaced by killing.
Jimmy Dunn (Jared Kusnitz) is a student at Xhosa High School, who was screwed by his teacher for disrupting his appointment in class. When he was depressed, he found that the whole town had changed. In desperation, he joins forces with Kyle Grubin (Justin Welborn) and other "bad boys" to save the town. 
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Dance of the Dead quotes

  • Gwen: Why is this happening?

    Kyle Grubbin: End of the world.

    Gwen: I'll need years of therapy after this.

  • Frank Hammond: Jimmy, quit acting like an idiot and dissect your frog!

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