Dead & Buried movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
In Potter's Bluff, a sleepy town in Rhode Island, USA, a photographer was seduced by a beautiful woman and was about to make out on the beach. Unexpectedly, a group of local thugs suddenly appeared and burned the photographer alive. Strange things happened in the town one after another, and many people were murdered inexplicably, many of them strangers. What's even more strange is that the people who were killed seem to be resurrected, living peacefully around the island like the islanders. William G. Dobbs, the town's funeral trader, was very busy with his business for the sudden casualties. It seems that only the town's sheriff, Sheriff Giles (James Frendino), has no clue and no clue, and he decides to get to the bottom of it. The investigation has just begun, and to Giles' surprise, his beloved wife Janet (Merody Anderson) appears to be closely involved in the oddities.
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  • Max 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    Alternative creative SS film

  • Palma 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    The plot is excellent. The idea of ​​this zombie town has influenced a lot of future generations. Of course, it is better to think about thinking and existence. The various inherent emotions and traditional American white values ​​displayed by the male protagonist really confirm the situation that the object is completely unequal to the experience it obtains. perhaps? The experience of the male protagonist is just an accident of existence?

Dead & Buried quotes

  • Dan Gillis: Betty and her toys. There's nobody else to talk to on that damn police channel and she can't call me by my name. That's TV cop shows, Harry. That's what does it.

    Harry: Do you think the county would let me have this rig for salvage?

    Dan Gillis: Anyhow, she said that he was on his way.

    Harry: Okay, no hurry. The fellow in there is a definite goner. Get a good gander that that face, Danny?

  • Harry: I was just telling these guys about that accident last night. Find out who that guy was?

    Dan Gillis: Not a thing. No ID. No license plates. No nothing.

    Ernie: Dan, old buddy, with that fancy salary the city of Potters Bluff pays you, and the amount of money the state spends getting you educated, you ought to be able to find some clues.

    Herman: If you can't solve a traffic accident, what are you gonna do if a crime happens?

    Harry: Now boys, don't be riding Danny too hard. He's out to lead this town. We're lucky to have him. A Masters Degree in Criminology. Big cities fighting over him, and he comes back to his old home town to help us poor folks out.

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