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2022-07-09 14:50
It's a film notebook in which Geraldo mocks society by recounting his moods, feelings, fun, and some unpleasant experiences. When telling the incident, the film is also equipped with a humorous narration. Obviously, the author regards the film as a photo album, and expresses his inner feelings through paragraphs of memories: either joy or venting dissatisfaction.
The film consists of three separate stories.
In the first paragraph "Treading on My Motorcycle", the camera followed him around the streets of Rome on a motorcycle. He went everywhere on the grounds that he was looking for a location for a musical related to Trotsky. He met Jennifer Beals, the heroine of his favorite movie "Dance of Lightning", and expressed his admiration. Due to the language barrier, he was a bit of a chicken-and-duck talker. Jennifer thought he was a little abnormal. Nanny watched an Italian movie, and the hero and heroine in the movie scold how degenerate modern people are. He was depressed and denounced that the filmmakers were really degenerate. He watched another "Portrait of a Serial Killer Henry". The scenes full of blood and violence made him sick. He was surprised that such a film was praised by film critics, so he went to the film critic and sat beside his bed. Reading his previous film reviews made the man cry with guilt. The mood turns somber as Nanny ends with his drive to the scene of the killing of director Pasolini.
"The Archipelago" is the second paragraph. Nanni went to an island in the north of Sicily to visit Serrado, a friend who studied Joyce's novel "Ulysses", and took him to travel with him. Sherado did not watch TV in the early years, but later became obsessed with TV soap operas. Not only did he compare soap operas with Ulysses on the cruise ship, but he still remembered it in the famous Stromboli crater. The joys and sorrows of the people in the American soap operas actually asked Nannedy to ask American tourists about the progress of the plot, and he was so obsessed with it. On another island with no electricity and no TV to watch, he actually cried out that life was unbearable, because the Pope ordered TV to be banned, and he wrote to the Pope about the benefits of TV. The moment he left the island, he had the joy of escaping from hell.
They came to a small island called Salina, where the children are like the Monkey King without the control of the emperor. The person on the phone pretended to be a ghost, a horse, and a variety of animals before calling. His parents didn't take it seriously, and they woke up the guests at three o'clock in the morning to watch them read various philosophical books for their son, which really made Nanny unbearable. They had also been to an island, where there was a party of shoddy taste, and before they could rest, they hurried away.
The third paragraph of "The Doctor" is simply a nonsense comedy of "the strange situation in the hospital". Nanny went to the hospital for treatment because of itchy skin. He saw no less than six or seven doctors who treat skin diseases. The prescriptions prescribed to him were all different, some were outrageous, and none of them worked. He even soaked in the herbal liquid and consulted a Chinese medicine doctor. He did Acupuncture in TCM , but it did n't get any better. He went to X-ray for a CT scan, but he said he had a tumor. It was only later that the real disease was discovered, and only a simple operation was performed. He then kept a simple diet every day, drinking a glass of water before meals to stay healthy   .
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  • Nanni Moretti: [walking out of the theater after watching "Henry - Portrait of a Killer"] I wandered around the city for hours trying to remember who was it that said good things about this film. I read a review in a paper. I read something positive about "Henry". Suddenly, I remember... I find the review and I copy it in my diary. Here it is: "Henry kills people but he's a kind of good guy. Only facts count for him. Otis is the real scum. Henry has a mad solidarity with his victims. A prince of annihilation, promising a merciful death. The director awakens the public to its worst nightmare: a shower of gore, impaled eyes, martyred flesh, abomination. Henry, the first to dismember the criminal philosophy of the Hollywood racists." I wonder if, whoever wrote this before falling asleep has a moment of remorse.

  • Nanni Moretti: If it depends on me, I'm sure I won't make it.

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