Dear Diary evaluation action

2022-07-09 20:17
The whole movie takes the audience to the form of writing a diary, narrating their daily life and trivial matters, like a cup of boiling water, the rhythm is slow but inadvertently discusses the propositions of life, feelings and death, and the narration discusses The wisdom and humor of the protagonist strengthen the expression effect of the protagonist's thorough understanding and reconstruction of ordinary trivial life. The overall style is random and scattered, full of the wit and sentiment of the humanistic petty bourgeoisie.
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  • Nanni Moretti: [walking out of the theater after watching "Henry - Portrait of a Killer"] I wandered around the city for hours trying to remember who was it that said good things about this film. I read a review in a paper. I read something positive about "Henry". Suddenly, I remember... I find the review and I copy it in my diary. Here it is: "Henry kills people but he's a kind of good guy. Only facts count for him. Otis is the real scum. Henry has a mad solidarity with his victims. A prince of annihilation, promising a merciful death. The director awakens the public to its worst nightmare: a shower of gore, impaled eyes, martyred flesh, abomination. Henry, the first to dismember the criminal philosophy of the Hollywood racists." I wonder if, whoever wrote this before falling asleep has a moment of remorse.

  • Nanni Moretti: If it depends on me, I'm sure I won't make it.

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