Queen of Katwe movie plot

2022-04-05 08:01
Ten-year-old Fionaand her family live in a slum in Kampalaka, Uganda, while experiencing constant struggle. Mother Harrietworks tirelessly to sell vegetables at the market all day long for her children to be safe. Fiona becomes fascinated with the game when she meets missionary Robert Cattende, a former football player who teaches chess to local children. All the skills that chess requires – concentration, strategic thinking and risk-taking – also apply to everyday life, and Catender hopes the game will make younger generations stronger. Fiona admires the intelligence the game requires, and is quick to show her talent. Cattende, discovering Fiona's talent and fighting spirit inherited from her mother, began tutoring her exclusively. But Harriet was worried about her daughter's disappointment and did not support her learning chess. Fiona gradually became famous in the local area, and Cattende began to teach her to read and read, giving her the opportunity to enter school. The mother finally realized that Fiona had an opportunity to stand out and help her family out of poverty, and she started working with Cattende to help her daughter realize her extraordinary potential. 
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  • Jaime 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    There is nothing wrong with it, the change of thinking of the characters in the film is embarrassingly blunt, and the change of the plot is also blunt and stereotyped, but it is still acceptable.

  • Trever 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    It's okay, although I love inspirational films, black people still look a little awkward. This is not racial discrimination that cannot be overcome by consciousness. It is similar to the nature of preferring furry mammals to insects. What's more special is the understanding of slum life, the most terrifying thing is to give hope to those living at the bottom

Queen of Katwe quotes

  • Phiona Mutesi: [Around 143:00] Checkmate !

    [Phiona and Nakku both giggle]

    Phiona Mutesi: You must consider the other side of your board.

    [Phiona and Nakku high five each other as Robert puts both hands behind his head]

    Phiona Mutesi: .

    Robert Katende: Nowadays you beat me so easily. Here I think strategy must run in your blood... Did one of your ancestors command a great army?

    Phiona Mutesi: These pieces are my army.

    Robert Katende: You must play at Rwabushenyi. It is the premiere tournament in their country. You will be playing international masters... or do you fear losing?

    Phiona Mutesi: Losing teaches me how to play better... I will play.

  • Phiona Mutesi: [Triumphant "finger - snap"] .

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