Queen of Katwe evaluation action

2022-04-05 08:01
This is a true and happy movie. Oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo both had great performances   . The film was rated A+ by the American audience's "CinemaScore"   .
The reason why sports-themed movies are easy to fall into the cliché of warm movies is because the main line is very simple, and it is nothing more than how the protagonist wins. There is nothing more moving than watching a story like "Queen of Katwe" that a person strives to achieve success through hard work. While Queen of Katwe, like most heartwarming films, has corny dialogue and a rousing soundtrack, it stands out from a class of lovable little-figure films of its kind. "Queen of Katwe" delicately portrays a girl who gradually understands the ups and downs of "success" in a harsh environment, which is eye-catching. Success sometimes means redemption, happiness, money, fame, but sometimes nothing; sometimes success is hesitation and loneliness, sometimes success is emptiness, this angle is unusual. Movies like Queen of Katwe are great family movies and worth digging into. In a way, the realism of the film—rather than idealism—adds to the movie's enjoyment   .
"Queen of Katwe" is a fairly typical Disney trick, energizing the film with Fiona Mutaisi's amazing story. In the hands of Ms. Mira Nair, Fiona Mutaisi's story has a wealth of unpredictability that sets it apart from films that look alike on the surface. The depth of the film lies in having a clear and intuitive feel for the details of culture and place, which the director has successfully imparted   .
The biographical film "Queen of Katwe" released by Disney has a relatively stable box office trend. The film has a good reputation among audiences, and the theater audience has a high score   .
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  • Damon 2022-04-05 08:01:01

    Disney adds another queen (wrong)

  • Vivien 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    I was very moved. I cried twice in the middle. The most shocking thing was that the simple story awakened all my desires for dreams and many small fantasies in my youth. Even if the torrent of years has not hit it, it is clear that the reality of boiling frogs in warm water has changed me. Like phiona, it turns out that I have been longing, proud, wandering and giving up, but what did she rely on to persevere in the end? "you belong here" is touching and awakening. The ending song is super nice, but unfortunately I can't find the name.

Queen of Katwe quotes

  • Phiona Mutesi: [Triumphant "finger - snap"] .

  • Benjamin: [around 113:00 celebrating wins in international tournament in Sudan the three are at a table drinking floats and eating french fries] We use to eat rice and beans in the village... look at what we are eating now mmm mmm mmm.

    Ivan: Ketchup... it's the greatest thing ever invented !

    [laughing the 3 hold up one french fry with ketchup on it in a toasting fashion and say "ketchup yeah... Cheers"]

    Ivan: .

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