Once Upon a Time in China III evaluation action

2022-07-07 12:05
At the end, Huang Feihong's generous speech is the highlight of the film. The sentence "A mere brand can change the country's fortunes, please think twice, Master Li." This sentence is still the taste of modesty and righteousness when I hear it today.  
The wonderful actions in the film, the funny plot, and finally Huang Feihong's righteous and awe-inspiring integrity have all received widespread attention from the audience.  
The dancing lion head in the film is a dazzling scenery, not only mighty and gorgeous, but also fire-breathing, dark arrows and other weapons, hidden in Gu Pan's eyes, making the Southern School lion dance popular because of the film.  
"Once Upon a Time in the Lion King" is a classic. The opening is a close-up of a smart lion head, and the various lion dance designs at the finale are even more colorful. The magnificent lion dance gives "Once Upon a Time" The new look of the series.  
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