Once Upon a Time in China III creative background

2022-07-07 14:02
In the mid-1980s, Wu Siyuan, as the deputy head of the group, led a Hong Kong film delegation composed of film artists and entrepreneurs together with the head of the group, Xu Guanwen, to contact the film authorities of the Mainland, and started a large-scale cooperation between the film industries of the two places. Wu Siyuan brought his film "Once Upon a Time in China 3" to the mainland to cooperate with Beijing Film Studio, "At that time, when I negotiated with the representative of Beijing Film, I was holding 'Big Brother' in my hand. Just on the phone with Tian Congming, Minister Tian told me that I can't eat one bite and become fat, I have to take it slow. But anyway, this is my first step, and it's also the first step in Chinese film sharing."  
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