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Domenick 2022-10-29 19:47:50

Director Tsui Hark's pinnacle work, Jet Li's own unique temperament is very suitable for playing such a generation of masters! ! ! This film fully demonstrates the unique charm of Wong Fei-hung, who is a master of a generation! His bravery, fortitude, decisiveness and narrow sense are vividly shown in the film! The dialogue between Huang Feihong and Li Hongzhang at the end is the soul of the film, he is a real chivalrous man!

The consciousness of martial arts corresponds to the consciousness of citizens. As long as citizens' distrust of the state system increases, martial arts consciousness will rise. Because the consciousness of martial arts is first manifested as a distrust of the state's public relief and an expectation for private relief. Although this awareness is nothing but a kind of self-satisfaction for readers and audiences, the healthy growth of this awareness also needs to be cultivated. The current popularity of martial arts in mainland China just shows that people now have the need for this kind of consciousness, but it is still immature. The era has no soil to grow. Fantasy is in power, and the rampant demons and ghosts are rampant. From one aspect, it can be seen as the abandonment of the modern society by the collective consciousness and the search for a substitute for spiritual satisfaction.

Wong Fei Hung (1991)
1991 / Hong Kong, China / Drama Action Martial Arts / Tsui Hark / Jet Li Yuanbiao

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