Delta Farce movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
Larry was unlucky. In addition to losing his job, his girlfriend also left him on the same day, which made him sad. So, Larry decided to go out for a weekend drink with his neighbor Bill and Everett, a "fat boy" who grew up fighting, to relax and unrestrained. However, the luck of the three guys was extremely bad. They were intercepted by the unreasonable Army Reserve officer Colling Grove on the way. They mistook them for deserted soldiers and were dragged to Fallujah, Iraq. s plane. What's even more amusing is that they were accidentally dropped into Mexico in a "Hummer" military vehicle. They thought they had arrived in the Middle East, came to a small town by accident, rescued the villagers from the violent rule, and were confused by the locals as big heroes. But when brutal warlord Carlos Santana leads an army to fight back, Larry, Bill, and Everett have to put down their beers, take up arms, and rise up to defend the villagers and themselves, proving that they're not just soldiers   .
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Delta Farce quotes

  • Larry: You know what the army says, "Be all you can be."

    Bill Little: Hey! He got it right!

  • Larry: A couple days ago I had more problems than a cub scout at the Neverland Ranch.

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