Der freie Wille evaluation action

2022-05-15 16:15
"Freie Wille, Der" is a dark film   . In the 163-minute length of the film, the director independently pondered the philosophical issue of "Freie Wille, Der" in his unique lens language.  . The film begins with a 15-minute rape scene, and the actual violence makes viewers uncomfortable. The whole film also includes masturbation, mental illness and suicide, which is a very unique film theme   .
In "Freie Wille, Der", the director relied on scene scheduling and montage to tell the story. The camera is used as an inactive recording tool, always present but not involved, and the montage is compressed as much as possible between the gaps in the transitions. The camera maintains the height of the human eye, the conventional perspective, and the anthropomorphic movement, all pointing to the scene of the film where the audience gazes. In addition to participating in the narrative, the desaturated picture of the film also makes the film different from ordinary color story-type films  。
The film presents the hero's journey of freedom with a ritual similar to a carnival, and the hero's punished body runs through the narrative of the entire film. The film's description of the male protagonist lacks a clear judgment of good or bad, and there is no clear direction of value judgment in the film. However, the social order constructed in the film is identified by the order that the audience is familiar with in life, and it is between these two orders that the film operates to dramatic effect  .
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