Der freie Wille behind the scenes gags

2022-05-15 16:08
  • All the scenes of rape, blasphemy, and suicide in "Freie Wille, Der" were done by the actor Jorgen Vogel himself.
  • Theo is fat when the film opens, and when he emerges from the psychiatric hospital he's a man with six pack abs. Since the filming period was only eight weeks, Theo's actor Jorgen Vogel didn't have time to gain weight or lose weight, and Theo's body changes in the film used modeling techniques.
  • Most of the over-the-top scenes in the film were shot by director Matthias Glasner.
  • Most of the scenes in "Freie Wille, Der" were shot in one shot, so the final cost of the film was only 1 million euros.
  • Before the masturbation scene began filming, the crew cleared the scene, and in the end, only the actor Jorgen Vogel, director Matthias Glasner and a female radio assistant were left on the scene. Jorgen Vogel said the female assistant turned her head away during filming.
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