Der freie Wille movie plot

2022-05-15 23:46
Theois a criminal who is sent to a mental hospital for forced treatment due to his extreme sexual desire. Nine years later, Theo was released from the asylum. After a long period of captivity and treatment, he has been trying to get back on track with his normal life. Theo seems to have lost his desire for women and has locked himself in a world of asceticism. That's when he meets the boss's daughter, Netsey. Netsey is a shy and depressed girl. Netsey grew up in a complicated family, and his relationship with his father has always been ambiguous. Netsey, who has no interest in men, decides to get rid of everything in her past and start a life entirely her own. Theo and Netsey met and knew each other, and love gradually sprouted in their hearts. After an initial arduous journey, the quiet couple saw a glimmer of light in a happy family. Before that, Theo had been forced to compromise with a sexual need he couldn't resist   .
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